That's the first topic up for debate in the second official episode of Two Drinks In. All of us have our doubts about his desire to actually lead this great country of ours.

What's more, Dana goes so far as to compare good ol' Donnie (@realDonaldTrump) to a girl who wants to have a wedding but not necessarily be married (Uff, thems fightin' words if we've ever heard 'em).

Here's hoping Donnie-boy doesn't catch wind of that. He'll likely threaten to sue...that's his M.O., isn't it? Hell, maybe he'll just threaten not to show up for our podcast. No complaints here.

In the second half, we lighten it up with a brief discussion about Award Season, and then dip our toes into the troubling waters of awkward ex interactions. We've all had 'em...and you get to hear just how awkward it gets for James when a date decides to enlist a few party-goers in a very un-party activity. 

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