We couldn't just leave you with a single episode at launch, especially with it being an Origin Story (hell, not everyone listens to -- or cares, for that matter -- how exactly a podcast came about. Sometimes, we even skip 'em, and we love podcasts). So, we're giving you two in one day.

For the official "first" episode, we get to talking about Making a Murder, the Netflix phenomenon about Steven Avery and the grisly murder of Teresa Halbach. Not sure how we're going to farm any comedy out of that topic (nor should we, really), but it turned into a very lively debate.

But before elevating the conversation to a somewhat intellectual level, we dig deep into snot etiquette (pun intended), and how some of us feel comfortable telling others that they've got a "bat in the cave" while one person in particular reserves the observation to teeth (we're looking at you, Erin). We also learn how passive-aggressive James can be when someone's got a dangler hanging outta the nostril. When will he ever learn?

Rounding out the episode is a Last Call (you know, our five-minute wrap-up) about guns...which could very well be a longer discussion at a later date. 

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