We decided to forgo our Valentine's Day plans to record a very special episode of Two Drinks In. Hear D. Marie talk about Bumble, a new (to her) dating app that's plumb-full of hot doctors, hot lawyers, hot accountants, hot graphic designers, hot businessmen, and a variety of other hot Minnesotans (we suspect -- well, we know, truth be told -- there's a douchebag or two in the bunch, but let's not let that get in the way of the girls' fun).

After dissecting the app (and its selection), the conversations turns to the topic of loving family. 

What do you think? Does D. Marie, James, Erin, and Dana love their respective families? Is D. Marie happy with how close, geographically speaking, she is to her extended family? Does James' family really believe he's dramatic? Can Erin consider herself the middle child if she's truthfully the eldest? Is Dana's Mom an actual Peanuts character?

Of course, you won't know any of the answers unless you listen to Two Drinks In (like how we slid that in there?).

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