New episode dropped today, and we're talking about travel. In particular, where we'd like to travel if price weren't an object. Dana decides his ideal travel destination isn't a place but a time (spoiler: he gets sentimental...AGAIN). D. Marie travels down that same route, and it's up to Erin to pull us out of the emotional spiral we were careening toward. 

In the second half, we get a bit more shallow (as we often do) by delving into what makes our respective nether regions tick (or is it inflame?). Yep, we're all up in the business of type. In other words, who'd ya like to...wait, let's not get foul here. We do enough of that on air. 

Then, James lets us in on a little secret...or, really, multiple he divulges some of his guiltiest of pleasures. Topping the list is two "families," and we're not talking the Kardashians. Though we should probably ask him what he watches on E!. It's set as a fave on the cable box. 

Grab a cocktail. Better yet, grab a beertail (if you've listened, you'll understand the reference) and listen to our humble little podcast.

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Have a great Thursday!! 

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