In light of someone suspending his bid for the White House, we thought we’d start off this episode with a brief discussion about the fiasco that was Jeb Bush’s campaign. Sorry, Jeb. We know you’ve taken quite a few hits from the press, but we’re just a podcast…so it doesn’t count, right?

But, I mean, seriously, what were you thinking with this campaign? You just kept getting in your own way.

From there, Dana dives into what makes him whimper in his sleep. It’s not what you think. Of course, James and Erin follow suit — not with the whimpering, but some of their craziest dreams. Uh-huh. If you hadn't guessed it we're talking about some of the crazy shit people dream.

Then, D. Marie kicks off a spirited conversation on dating a man-child (or dating man-children, to be exact) and suggests that maybe all men are looking for someone to take care of them. Should James and Dana take offense?

For our Last Call, Erin pulls the topic of Ghosts, but James quickly hijacks the conversation to tell a few chilling tales of his own. Hmm, we’re starting to think he’s a conduit of sorts.  

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