Friend/Not-Friend: that's what we're tacking on today's episode of Two Drinks In.

Not familiar with the term? Well, it harkens back to my college days. Anyone who was a friend but sure in shit didn't treat you like one was bestowed this lovely moniker. I'm sure you've run across a few in your lifetime -- if you weren't one yourself a time or two.

After exhausting that fine topic, we get into our favorite OCD behaviors. In other words, anything you do obsessively or compulsively that is of benefit to you. It's possible. Anyway...all four of us chime in for this little nugget. We've all been compulsive about something in our lives.

It isn't too long that we change topics to favorite breakfast foods both out to eat and at home. James had a real treat for us (and he'll have one for you too if you choose to listen to this particular episode). Not to spoil anything, but...wait, no. You gotta hear it to believe.

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