Dana likes a good check-in, and this episode is no exception. He wonders whether there will come a time when gays are seen as more than fun, little novelties to straight folks. This sets us on a look at the evolution of what it meant to be gay in the 80s, 90s and today.

Then, Erin, D. Marie and James traverse the transit line with some ghastly tales from their morning commutes. I'm sure you've got a doozey or two yourself, so please feel free to share below. We'd love to hear about 'em. 

Rounding out the night is D. Marie, as she starts arounds discussion on first world problems. We've all got more than a few of those. We're sure of that.

As always, our conversation quickly goes off-topic as we tip back a cocktail or two in Minneapolis, MN.  Trust us, hearing is believing, so...

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Features Strong Language, Mature Themes, and things you want to say while taking the green line from St. Paul to Minneapolis.

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