Like that gherkin in your Bloody Mary, we think livers are best pickled. That doesn’t mean we don’t pay for it the next day. On the contrary! After an ambitious night of recording, we often find ourselves waking a little worse for the wear.

So, who better to share a few cures for a hangover than us? We’re professionals, after all.

1. Sleeping it off.

Time heals all wounds — at least that’s what listeners keep telling us. If you had a few too many, chuck that clock out the window and don’t crawl outta bed until late afternoon.

 Come to find out, the body metabolizes booze at one ounce an hour. Catching some extra Z’s as your liver tidies up last night’s mess means the worst part of a hangover is…well, over…by the time you get up, that is.

2. Greasy food.

Plenty of people swear by this cure — and we’re partial to it, too. There’s nothing like a greasy burger (with a side of fries, of course) to sop up that pitcher of beer. It sorta soothes the burn and churn.   

 We hate to say it, but that grease bomb acts more like comfort food than anything else. Before bellying up to bar, high protein is the way to go. It slows alcohol absorption, and you’ll be less apt to say, “Why the fuck didn’t I quit while I was ahead?”  

3. Carb up.

Anyone who was ever a kid (i.e. all of us) can attest to what choosy mothers choose for a sick kid — and it ain’t Jif. It’s actually what you put it on: TOAST. If you found yourself praying to the porcelain god, carb up.

 Your liver is already busy metabolizing your overindulgence, so it can’t produce glucose from stored carbs. Your blood sugar will continue to dip and dip, leaving you tired and irritable. 

4. Cup of Joe.

Hung-over or not, we all need a little boost every now and then. Downing a mug of coffee to smooth out the edges can work for some. Caffeine is a known treatment for both headaches and migraines.

But it can also cause ‘em, so it’s really trial and error with this one. Plus, caffeine leads dehydration. Drink coffee with a water-chaser to counteract its effects. Otherwise, you could end up feeling worse. And who wants that?

5. Pedialyte.

D. Marie has nursed many a hangover with this electrolyte-heavy bevie in all its glorious flavors. Seriously, it comes in cherry punch! In other words, it’s kid tested, mother approved…no, wait, that’s not right.

Whether or not it actually works is up for debate. But no one can deny that the elixir certainly rehydrates in a pinch. Head over to the diapers, look to left, and toss a few in your cart. After a night of debauchery, you may just need that pain to melt away. 

6. Sports drinks.

Erin’s nuzzles up to a sports drink after a long night of guzzling that box of wine. The reason? See Pedialyte. Rehydration!  

7. Hair of the dog.

That big ol’ Bloody Mary may be putting off the inevitable, but a little hair of the dog is probably the most enjoyable cure we know. Crack open a cold one, and start up where you left off. Tomorrow’s another day, right?

Just don’t make a habit of it. Using this “cure” on the reg can increase the risk of alcohol abuse and dependency. And there’s no fun in that.

That’s our take on the topic. What about you? Tell us what you’ve found helpful when you rode hard and were put away wet. We’re always up for suggestions.