Certain posts just beg for in-depth research, and that’s exactly why we chose to tackle a topic like working through one killer hangover. Trust us, each of the Two Drinks In crew has found themselves staring down the barrel of a long, over-hung day at the office...more than a time or two, no less.

We can spend the night with a Bocce in one hand and a margarita in the other and still be completely productive human beings the next morn.

Here’s how we do it:

Wake up early. It’ll suck major balls, and your body will tell you otherwise, but get up early — and we’re talking earlier than normal. You need plenty of time to wake up good and proper.

Take a cold shower, put some drops in those bloodshot eyes, and brush your teeth (not to mention, that filthy tongue) to rid the body of any post-party sheen and smells. You need to push through the hangover rather than sleep through it.

While you’re at, opt for those Sunday-go-meetin’ duds instead of that comfy sweater. Feeling awake is just half the battle. Sometimes, it takes a certain mentality, and dressing the part can give you the confidence to take on the day — shakes be damned.

Skip the Joe. We know. Asking you to not to drink coffee on a regular day is like asking Donald Trump to stick to the script. It can’t be done. Throw a hangover on top of it, and it’s like we’re telling you to text without your hands all day. FUTILE!!!

Here’s the thing. Sprite is a much better option. It appears that the bubbly stuff increases ALDH activity. The enzyme converts acetaldehyde (the actual culprit of your hangover) into acetate, helping to alleviate those God-awful symptoms.

As soon as you start feeling hydrate, then drink your choice of caffeine. Dana will grab Folgers, while the rest of us have finer tastes. So, it’s really up to you.

Resist the grease. If it were the weekend, we’d say, “Have at. Stuff yourself with all the greasy comfort food you can get your mouth around.” It’s not like you can’t just crawl back into bed and dream of better days.

But because you need to get through work, and be somewhat productive, what your body really needs is sustenance — and that will take the form of fruit, eggs, and oatmeal. Top it all off with a big glass of H2O.

The food will provide you fuel, while the water will do wonders to rehydrate you. When the boss now hands you an assignment, it’ll be all, “Gimme, gimme more! Gimme more! Gimme, gimme more!” Kinda like your channeling Britney Spears — in her heyday, of course.

Freshen up. Booze has a way of seeping out of your pores throughout the day. In other words, it’s all about upkeep for those hangover days. Besides scrubbing down your teeth and tongue, keep some mouthwash handy.

Also, spackle on an extra layer of deodorant, and spritz a bit of cologne (or perfume) behind the ears with some regularity throughout the day. If you’re not one for scents, consider stuffing dryer sheets in your pockets. Talk about smelling laundry-fresh all the livelong day.

That’s what we do. How ‘bout you? Tell us how you work through a hangover. We may just share your secret on-air.