It’s Happy Hour again at Two Drinks In. And for this special episode, we dive into the vaults to bring you stories in which our bodies have seriously betrayed us. Been there, done that, right?

We journey with D. Marie to France, where she's so overjoyed with the beauty of the Eiffel Tower that she shows her appreciation in one of the oddest ways. We're then off to Wisconsin with Dana, who tests out hiccup remedies with some tumultuous results...some very, very tumultuous results. Hint: it concerns beer, booze, upside-down drinking, and the bathroom. Uh-huh!

The conversation comes to an end at a Massachusetts frat party with Erin, where we learn about her MacGyver-like abilities in seeking revenge. Vengeful little minx, isn't she? Trust us, we know not to cross her.

Along the way, we learn some interesting new phrases as our conversation goes off-topic a time or two as we drink and laugh in the heart Minneapolis, MN. along the way.

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Features Strong Language, Mature Themes, and things you probably said when you were drunk. 

Drunk-O-Meter Rating: 5 out of 5


Hosts: D. Marie Long, Dana Severson, Erin Roberts, James Lekvin

Producer: James Lekvin