Good morning and pucker up! This episode of Two Drinks In starts with D. Marie, who takes a long, hard look at that first kiss of the day and whether morning breath will keep her away. She also muses about what people with morning breath can do with it other than come close to her mouth.

Of course, this leads the gang to ponder their own bad breath self-awareness (or unawareness) and whether they'd be willing to kiss or not to kiss someone with morning breath.

Erin follows next with our favorite TV moms and wonders if she really is one of the Gilmore Girls. James considers a mother from years and years ago, and the same goes for D. Marie. Dana, on the other had, opts for a more modern mom.

Then, James reveals the blue dress in his closet as he finally weighs in on whether Bill Clinton should have been impeached for his affair.

As usual, the conversation quickly goes off-topic as we drink and pause for the canned laughter in the heart of Minneapolis, MN. 

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Features Strong Language, Mature Themes, and a glaring lack of a laugh track. 

Drunk-O-Meter Rating: 4 out of 5

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