This episode is all about D. Marie. It's also all about Erin. There's a fair share about Dana and a whole heck of a lot about James. From the be-get-go, the gang delves into the watery depths of narcissism only to discover we’re too shallow to pay attention.

Next up, Erin gets really angry about late diners and customers walking in before closing time. Then, the rest of charge in to talk about our own sources of irrational anger. We all got 'em. What about you? Tell us all about it in the comments below!! We'd love to hear about it (and to feel better about ourselves knowing that others share our proclivity to rage).

Finally, #James ponders the aging hashtag and wonders if it’s #playedout. #hashtagmania.

As always, our #podcastquickly goes #offtopic as we #drink and fail to #talkresponsibly in the heart of #Minneapolis, MN. 

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Features Strong Language, Mature Themes, and things you do on #thirstythursday #tbt #drinkingandtalking #talkresponsibly

Drunk-O-Meter Rating: 3 out of 5

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