In this episode, we decide exactly why we’re friends: BOOZE.

Erin quickly usurps the conversation in a “Girls-Gone-Wild” sorta way to discuss the ins and outs of being set up while at work. Yep, a friend/not-friend coworker brings her a potential suitor to the restaurant…for her to wait on him.

In the process, D. Marie gets a little pissed off, James gets a little gay (over figgy pudding), and Dana gets a little misogynistic. It's an interesting story worth a definite listen.

James then takes us on a brief-ish trip down memory lane, talking a bit about Strawberry Shortcake, a bit about Weebles, and a bit about Margaret, his pet chicken. Sadly, you can probably guess Margaret’s end. In a word, it was grisly.

Dana rounds out this evening’s discussion with a look at his favorite local brews (though he isn’t always sure what constitutes “local”).

As always, our conversation goes off-topic a time or two as we drink and drink and drink in Minneapolis, MN.  

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